Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The "Other Storm"

While Hurrican Sandy continues to churn through the east coast, the political waters continue to boil over Benghazigate.
At least for one news agency.  This past Sunday (28 Oct), the 11 September attack on our consolate in Benghazi was all but ingored, except for FOX News
Mark Steyn published his "Benhoozi?" article a few days ago, but at the time of this posting, I can't access the direct link to the National Review Online, or the Orange County Register
In the meantime, Baynard & Holmes, a couple of bloggers I follow, rolled-in with intelligence perspective on this scandal.
No one is sure if Benghazigate will cost Obama the election, now just over a week away.  But according to most pre-Sandy polls, Romney has surged ahead.  So at a minimum, the Benghazi scandal will cost Obama some votes.
However, a post-Sandy reality may emerge, in which the storm will continue to wreck havoc by making political polling all but worthless.
But that hasn't stopped Team Obama from asking voters--even ones in storm ravaged areas--to "get his back."

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