Saturday, October 6, 2012

MSM Meltdown

(Image by Steve Breen)
Two nights ago, President Obama faced Mitt Romney in the first of three presidential debates--and by all accounts was soundly trounced.  Romney has now edged ahead in three battleground states.
Of course, the debate debacle caused the Mainstream Media (MSM, aka The Ministry of Truth), to go into a complete meltdown, like Chris Matthews.
At the 1:28 point in the video, "Tingly Legs" asks:  Where was Obama tonight!?
Well, I can answer that:  He was right in front of you and the rest of the court eunuchs and has been since Our Dear Leader started his 2008 campaign quest.  The "Lamestream Media" just never bothered to look.
Nor are they going to start.  Instead they're asking:  "What happened?"
Jonah Goldberg responds with the Undoing of the Storybook Man.
Since it's been a couple days now, Team Obama and the Lamestream Lapdogs have regrouped--somewhat--and have come up with all sorts of excuses.
Romney's a liar.
It was what Obama didn't say that was most important.
It was yet another example of The Incumbent Curse.
Most outrageous of all, according to The Goracle--oxygen deprivation.
Romney's a meanie for picking on Big Bird.
The wailing and gnashing of teeth will continue, along with all sorts of accusations.  But some members of Team Romney are hitting back--hard.  Just ask Andrea Mitchell.
As far as poor Big Bird is concerned, Mark Steyn asks:  When is he going to leave the government nest?
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