Monday, October 1, 2012

Red Line for Iran?

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, gave an impassioned speech, complete with a visual aid, about Iran's growing nuke capability. 
As mentioned in an earlier post, Obama was too busy with his "Eye Candy" performance on The View, to meet with Netanyahu, or any other head-of-state, for that matter.  Instead, our Eye-Candy-in-Chief phoned-in his meeting, but still rejected the plea for red lines. 
Despite the growing danger posed by Iran's nuclear ambitions, CNN's Piers Morgan found Ahmadinejad "charming," and John Stewart thought the prime minister's speech to be especially amusing.
(Image by:  Henry Payne)
Yeah, many people found Adolf Hitler "charming" too. 
Apparently the US delegation at the Useless Nobodies (UN) dutifully stayed seated during Ahmadinejad's speech. 

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