Friday, August 30, 2019

San Francisco Sanitizes Language Instead of Streets

(Image by Tom Stiglich)

San Francisco's Politburo took steps to clean up their city's image.

But instead of actually doing the dirty work of cleaning up the feces and discarded drug needles on the city streets, the Politburo employed Orwellian Newspeak in the hopes no one would notice the filth.

From now on "convicted felons" will be known as "justice involved persons," along with other crime lingo getting sanitized.

Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire declared San Fran took one step further into insanity.

And as Styxhexenhammer observed sanitizing language isn't helpful to the "justice involved persons."

Just another example of the Clown World us "non-justice involved persons" live in.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Orangeman Now Worse Than Hitler

(Image by Henry Payne)

Ever since the Crooked Queen Clinton lost her crown to Trump the Usurper during the 2016 Presidential Election, libtards have been invoking Godwin's Law when referring to Our Grand Nagus--and all his supporters.

Just when you think things couldn't get worse--they do.

During a CNN (Clinton News Network) segment, a "reliable source" claimed Trump may be responsible for more deaths than Hitler, Stalin and Moa.

Well at least these two libtards tacitly acknowledged Stalin and Moa were murderous dictators.

To a classical liberal like Tim Pool, this was the craziest thing he's heard on cable news.

Apparently, MSNBC isn't much better.  DronetekPolitics called-out both networks as an insane media meltdown.

I wish this was the last crazy thing we hear from the Ministry of Truth.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The BDS Cheerleaders' Big Lie

(Image by A.F. Branco)

Several days ago, two of the Four Harpies of the Apocalypse, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, tried visiting Israel's West Bank to stir up trouble.

The cover story was to visit Tlaib's ailing granny.

At first, the Israeli Government balked at letting either of the two cheerleaders of BDS Israel into their country.

In less than 24 hours, the Israeli Government relented and was willing to allow Tlaib enter on humanitarian grounds.

Tlaib turned down the offer--because this was all just a political stunt anyway.

(Image by Mike Lester)

Upon their return, they gave a tearful press conference--and called for the condemnation of Israel.

As if on cue, a bunch of House Dimtards are lining up behind the pair, along with perpetuating the Big Lie that Tlaib was denied entry.

I guess they're counting on their continued screeching will drown out what really happened.

Meanwhile, Our Grand Nagus called-out Tlaib's tears as Fake News.

As the former Israeli ambassador to the US said:  This is an attempt to destroy Israel through economic strangulation.

(Image by Lisa Benson)

I certainly agree with the former ambassador's conclusion.

It's a similar case with our border issue.  Allowing people to enter a country with ill-intent can only lead to disaster, for the US and for Israel.

But to end this post on a humorous note, here's one of the latest cartoons from Stilton's Place:

(Image from Stilton's Place Monday Melange)

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Hong Kong Patriots Compared to ANTIFA Facists

(Image by Pat Cross)

On Saturday, competing protestors from The Proud Boys and ANTIFA converged on Portland, OR.

Here's what came of it.

Of course, Dimocrats and the Ministry of Truth are trying to tell us ANTIFA is peaceful and merely trying to "safeguard" The Rose City.

Meanwhile, across the Pacific, the protests against an extradition bill have been going on for nearly 5 months now.

Congressman Nick Fury observed:  In Hong Kong, protesters waive American flags. In America ANTIFA burns American Flags.

And while this may seem like a dichotomy of opposites, Tim Pool points out that Communism is the same in every country.

God help us if the Marxists-in-Snowflake-clothing ever get their hands on the levers of power...

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

Monday, August 12, 2019

The Unsurprising Death of Jeffery Epstein

(Image by Tom Stiglich)

This past Saturday morning, "Pedo" Epstein was found dead in his jail cell.

Epstein's alleged suicide will probably be the New Millennia's most infamous case of Dead Men Tell No Tales.

For the most part, I've neither embraced nor dismissed the "Clinton Body Count"--until now. 

(Image by Michael Zikuski's Photography)

From the commentators I've watched so far, the overwhelming majority of folks didn't expect Epstein to survive any type of prison time, so his unlamented demise comes as no surprise.

Nor do they believe the official party line of Epstein offing himself--and succeeding in Suicide Attempt #2.

What I also find disconcerting is there appears to be bigger fish higher up the socio-political food chain than The Woman Who Could Have Been Queen and Trump the Usurper, that could have been ensnared in this scandal.  (As of now people are trying to implicate Our Grand Nagus in a "guilt-by-fellow-billionaire" sort of way).  

In any case, there's plenty of YouTube commentaries and on-line articles about the mysteries surrounding Pedo Epstein's convenient death.

But I'd rather not spend any more time on some dead pedophile than I absolutely have to.

So I'll leave you with this rare instance of bipartisan support:  

Conservatives and Liberals unite--Epstein's death is outrageous and insanely suspicious.

Friday, August 9, 2019

The Predictable Blame & Outrage After Mass Shootings

(Image by A.F. Branco)

I no longer read or watch any in-depth reports of mass shootings anymore.

As a result I keep my posts on this topic to a minimum.


Because the Narrative resulting from the recent, back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH have followed same predictable and tiresome trajectory:

1. Blame Our Grand Nagus for "not doing enough."

2. Demand "commons sense" gun control measures, which is Newspeak for eliminating the ability for law abiding citizens to purchase firearms for their personal protection against criminals--and tyrants..

3. Label anyone who disagrees with gun control as mass murderers who haven't gotten around to killing anyone yet.

Since Leftists "won't let a crisis go to waste" to further their political-social agenda, I'm not given any time to mourn and grieve over the tragic loss of life.

Nor do leftists want to address any of the other factors which led to mass shootings:  Mental health issues, drug use, absent fathers, nor the failure of current gun control measures to reduce these tragedies.


It's:  "Get guns off the streets."

So I tune out their noise and conduct a minimal amount of fact-checking, even from sources I like and trust.

And if we give in to the demands of leftist demands, will they like us, or at least leave us alone?


They will hate you even if you disarm.

(Image found on Facebook from The Patriot Post)

Thursday, August 1, 2019

DemocRATS Cry Racism--Again--Over Trump's Tweet

(Image by Tom Stiglich)

Another firestorm of fake outrage erupted over Our Drunk Dialer in-Chief's weekend tweet against Congressman-for-Life Elijah Cummings.

Based on today's ever-changing Clown World Rules, it's racist to tweet facts about Baltimore.

(Image by A.F. Branco)

But just because Trump said it, doesn't make it racist, Ben Shapiro further explains why the tweet wasn't racist.

So once again, Our Grand Nagus out maneuvered the Dimtards into an untenable position.  This time into into pretending Baltimore's inner city isn't messed up.

Of course the Dimtards have plenty of assistance from the libtards running the Ministry of Truth.

CNN anchor, Victor Blackwell, cried on-air to emotionally manipulate idiots and blatantly misrepresented Trump's tweets

Not wanting to be upstaged by Cry Baby Blackwell, Brian Stelter, did an on-air hit-piece against Kimberly Klacik, who did a local expose on Baltimore's slums.

Tim Pool called all the hoopla Reality TV at its finest.

As Joel Pollak pointed out:  Trump's tweet enraged the people who caused the damage.

(Image by Robert Ariail)

But it's okay for Bolshevik Bernie to call conditions in Baltimore are like a Third World country.

(Image by Tom Stiglich)

Now I've provided links to Caucasian commentators who said Trump's Baltimore tweet wasn't racist.

But what did the black commentators I follow have to say?

Jon Miller:  Baltimore is a total shithole. Why are we pretending that it's not?

Cry Baby Blackwell was openly mocked by Anthony Brian Logan and The Amazing Lucas.

When I was on duty earlier this week, my partner flipped through the non-FOX News stations just to see and hear what they had to say.

It nothing but: Racist! Racist! Racist!

Their two minutes of hate went on for the entirety of my three 12 hour shifts.

And the Big Racist Lie continued through Tuesday night's Dimtard Debate--The Kid's Table Edition...

(Image by Steve Breen)

...and shows no sign of stopping, straight through the 2020 Election.