Sunday, December 30, 2012

Family Guide to Uninfringed 2nd Amendment Rights

A visual aid to remind gun controllers why law abiding citizens desire to have weapons with high-capacity magazines.  Courtesy of Jan Morgan Media.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Open Season

Earlier this week, the Journal News found itself in the epicenter of a firestorm.  One of its reporters thought it he was doing the good citizens of the New York City area a great service by posting the names, addresses and contact information of law-abiding gun owners in the NYC Metropolitan Area.

Gun owners and non-gun owners were not amused. 

One blogger retaliated by posting the names, addresses and contact info of Journal News employees.  On an intellectual level, this is a case of two wrongs not making a right.  Emotionally, I'm happy the Journal News minions are on the receiving end of this media/internet backdraft, short causing actual harm, of course.

While the Journal News hit rock bottom, it has started to dig.

Along with this breach of privacy by an outlet of the Ministry of Truth (formerly known as the Mainstream Media), Senator Feinstein is leading the hue & cry to introduce a New & Improved Assault Weapons Ban before anyone has fully recovered from their New Year's Eve hangovers.

Sensing a change in the politically correct winds, Dicks Sporting Goods not only stopped caring "assault" weapons, but even reneged on previous orders.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Truth is also pulling out the stops to tar & feather the NRA. Fortunately, this hasn't hurt the reputation of the NRA, which is actually higher than the media's.  Rich Lowry goes one better and poses several Questions for Gun Controllers.

It looks like 2013 will get off to a rocky start--even if we survive the plunge over the Fiscal Cliff.

And speaking of getting off, hopefully, the gun-grab grandstanding will turn out as Comrade Karla Senior says:

It’s political masturbation. Makes them feel good but leads to nothing.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

May the Spirit of Christmas shine in the hearts of everyone throughout the New Year.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

From the "Peanuts Gallery"

(Image from:  The Jawa Report)
Yeah, I and my like-minded friends notice this. 
The question is:  Does the lamestream media and Democrat politicians notice this too?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Historical Precedence for School Massacres

(Image:  The remains of Bath Michigan's Elementary School)
Not to make light of last week's atrocity in Newton, CT, but I'm always irked when a newsperson or politician (with an aggenda) claim "this has never happened before."
Sadly, it has.
A couple days ago I came across a story about a school massacre that occurred in Bath, Michigan--back in 1927
Here's the "Roaring 20s" PoS (Piece of "Crap") that pulled off this heinous atrocity:
(Image:  Andrew Kehoe)
A more complete story can be found here on Wikipedia
Would such historical trivia help those families that are grieving now? 
It might be comforting to know that our ancestors bore such wrenching heartache, so the ones who mourn now won't feel they're alone. 
Comrade Karla provided links to a couple other infamous cases.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Why Didn't He Off Himself First?

(Image:  Sandy Hook Elementary School mass murderer Adam Lanza)
Adam Lanza didn't "just snap"
His first order of business:  Destroy the hard drive on his computer
My friends and coworkers have often asked:  Why didn't this PoS (Piece of "Crap"), just off himself first? when such a tragic event unfolds. 
Adam Lankford explains why spree killers kill themselves.
It's a tiny consolation that the community of Newton, CT won't be subjected to a media-circus trial.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mayan Mayhem

This week's weather report "according to the Mayan Calendar."

(Image from:  The Jawa Report).

Guns & Games

(Image:  Guns used, or carried, by Adam Lanza in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting)
Democrats and the lamestream media are setting their sites on gun control.  Which of course, is following in the wake of other western nations that have banned various weapons
The result of such talk should be no surprise to anyone:  A surge in gun sales.  At least someone is looking at arming teachers.  (Not surprisingly in Texas).
Amidst all the uproar a few folks have pointed out some inconvenient truths.  David Kopel explains the fallacy of "gun free zones" and "assault weapons."
(Image: Cover art to HALO 4)
Meanwhile, Erik Kain points out that every video gamer isn't a potential mass murderer and even suggests parent should play some of these games with their kids.
Hopefully, the saner folks in DC will prevail in the impending debates.
Comrade Karla just sent us a link to the latest post from: The DiploMad, who adds his $0.02. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Atrocity in the Making

If the death of Newton's children isn't enough, assholes from the Westboro Baptist Church apparently are planning on picketing the funerals this weekend.  This is a new low for a group notorious for picketing the funerals of our fallen military members. 
In other words:  They've hit bottom and are starting to dig.
Normally, the Westboro Trolls have been thwarted by the Patriot Guard Riders.  This time, they have another enemy to contend with:  Anonymous.
The hacktivist group has been launching launching cyber attacks against the Westboro Trolls, apparently, not for the first time.  The guys in  Guy Fawkes Masks threaten to destroy the church as a group
As a rule, I normally don't care for malicious hackers. 
But as they say:  Every rule has an exception.  And I take exception to anyone exacerbating the pain and suffering of grieving parents.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Atrocity Before Christmas

I was on duty at the Washington State Alert and Warning Center (A&WC) when news of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Half-way through my dayshift routine, the full magnitude of this atrocity was realized.  I think the most iconic image to emerge is of this young lady, waiting to hear if her sister, a teacher at the school was among the 26 killed that day, 20 of them first graders...
Civilians weren't the only ones affected.  Seasoned first responders have said this was the worst crime scene they've ever encountered.
Our entire nation is in a state of mourning and the killer's family is at a loss to explain why Adam Lazan went on his killing spree, before he off'd himself.  (The most common comment has been:  Why didn't he kill himself first?). 
I'm deeply moved by news reporters and politicians, some of them I don't particularly care for, fighting to hold back their emotions while they speak before their audiences.
This horrific event not only saddens and angers me, but also worries me.  First of all, the shooting illustrated how easy it was for a lone gunman to attack a school. 
Second, the Democrats didn't waste anytime banging their tamtookas for a ban on assault weapons.  And despite Obama's touching words of condolences, especially at today's prayer vigil.  However, his comments about "ending such tragedies", gives me a great cause for concern. 
One of my coworkers said this should make a great case for the move to arm teachers, especially after hearing the acts of heroism among the Sandy Hook staff.
But I'm afraid, we're now in the midst of a perfect storm for potential ban on "assault" weapons
Or at least expand "gun free zones."  The problem with this is:  It doesn't work.
Until the congressional foodfight starts, let us remember those who have lost their lives and the grieving loved ones they left behind.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Special Kind of Stupid

Criminals don't obey the laws we currently have.  Gun control advocates truly baffle me, if they really believe that criminals will suddenly play nice with their intended victims.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Imperial Presidency

A lot of folks--on both sides of the Atlantic--like to bash the British Royal Family's wealth and apparent extravagance. 

(Which by the way, Prince William and his 12-week pregnant wife, Kate, were the recent objects of a prank-gone-horribly-wrong).

Mark Steyn, however, crunched some numbers and compared some of Buckingham Palace's expenditures with those of the Obama White House.

Expensive travel arrangements aren't the only kingly characteristic of Obama's reign.  His Rule by Decree is also of great concern to freeborn citizens...

Unlike the Dolists, (formerly known as 52% of the voting public), don't mind receiving this...
...then they don't mind living off of this...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Breaking Bad--Syrian Style

(Images:  Promotional stills for Breaking Bad)
Yesterday, the on-going Syrian Civil War made headline news over the report that the Syrian military began mixing batches of chemicals weapons and loading them on to bombs. 
Comrade Karla said, "...they make it sound like they're mixing this stuff up a meth lab."  (Hence the title of this post).  Another analysis was made by NightWatch, while Global Security has provided an index of Syria's WMD capabilities.
This story sparked a day-long commentary on-line.  Comrade Karla started things off with this observation:
Fox ran "Syria footage" last night that was odd. Lots of shaky footage of Russian air-to-air missiles (AA-11s, etc) that had "uchebniy" on them, meaning they were inert training weapons. And you wouldn't use those for chem delivery anyway.
Do they Syrians know they are inert training weapons? I mean, from the standpoint of being a bunch of ignorant peons, they're even worse than the Russkies...
Good point. I think the only less-capable AF would be Libya.
The discussion then turned to the geo-strategic consequences: 
If Syria employs Sarin or other CW agents, what will the US do? If we do nothing, we look like fools for making so much noise and then letting it slide. If we intervene on the ground, we end up buying the future of Syria and get sucked into another serious war on par with Iraq (maybe not quite that bad, but far more than anyone wants). If we do the Libya airpower approach (I think the most likely response for this president) we will ensure Asad eventually falls but will be unable to adequately influence the final outcome, and the Islamists may take over.
If I were Asad and I thought the long term trajectory looked bad, the time to use this stuff would be sooner rather than later -- break the back of the resistance before they gain too much strength and it's too late. Their biggest concern, I would bet, is alienating Russia and China, who would be forced to distance themselves from CW use. Thus Syria loses diplo cover at the Useless Nations. Still, the Russians would probably still quietly back them, no matter what, as Russia has too much to lose if Asad falls. Still, is the US or anyone else going to intervene on the ground if they use CW? With a lifeline to Iran via Iraq, Syria is not going to fall without ground power (external or rebels) making it happen.
Any use will be non-persistent agents in limited locations to break rebel morale and dislodge them from key locations. I doubt it will be widespread unless regime collapse is imminent. This keeps things less than clear for the US and others on how to react. They won't use their mustard agents -- blisters on babies upsets civilians at their breakfasts.
A bigger concern is if Islamists get some of the stuff (or Syria supplies Hizbollah) and use it outside Syria's borders. That might trigger a truly big war.
Also, if the US and others do launch major airstrikes, I can see some getting used on airfields to suppress allied action. I think our missile defense would help a lot there.

I suspect token airstrikes would be our response--the USS Eisenhower is supposedly in the East Med right now.  With respect to the regime, the odds are probably good they'll use them--one commentator last night said that there are still a number of Daddy Assad's people in the government who may be helping The Great Opthamologist make his tougher decisions. They arguably have more to lose than he does, as I suspect he'd make a run for Venezuela or Cuba or something if things really go sideways.

He might not be given a chance - his own people might not let him go!
The problem with Syria is that this is not a "kill the dictator" rebellion so much as it is a civil war between the majority Sunni and the minority Alawites. The latter cannot all go into exile - they're stuck with whatever happens and are not likely to give in easily, whatever Optodictator does. I can see them falling back to their mountainous redoubt in the west of the country, but if they do that they lose Damascus and the country (it would only be a strategy for a defeated Asad & Co.). This is a lot like the Shia Sunni split in Iraq. The minority has power and is hostile to the West, the majority wants to take over and is slightly less hostile to the West (the Kurds layed low in both instances). The difference is that in Iraq we had 100,000+ troops and years to force a change.
So, if you and your family can't escape, and you have thousands of Jihadi assholes out for your blood, the use of CW does not look so bad.
Finally, some speculation was thrown in:
And it probably includes the CW Saddam never had that were trucked out before the 2003 invasion.  Wouldn't that be embarrassing if it comes to light!
Yes, but I am not convinced of that.  Syria has plenty of its own, though I've seen some libtards using the brilliant logic that "there was no WMD in Iraq therefore there is none in Syria." They're in for a rude awakening.

Good point that the Syrians have had this capability for some time.  Easy to see how libtards have concluded that none of these regimes can possibly have WMD because it interferes with their deranged Iraq narrative.
Today, there's some doubt about the potency of Syria's chemical munitions
Potent, or not, everyone's concerned about "Optodictator's" next move.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

(Image by:  Horsey)
Most of the informed voting pulic are aware of the looming Fiscal Cliff we're approaching at the end of the year. 
Congressional Republicans are attempting to thwart the Democrats' plan to raise taxes.
But is this a battle that should be fought?  Especially since Obama, with the help of the media, will heap all the blame on Republicans.
Some commentators are advocating to let the Democrats win this one--in order to win the fiscal war.
Ann Coulter suggests this will make the Democrats own the Obama economy.
Because, as Charles Krauthammer said, it's not about fixing the economy.
While John Nolte shares his Top 5 Reasons for the Republicans to let this happen.
And since we're past Halloween and nearing Christmas, here's a more seasonal image...