Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Guns & Games

(Image:  Guns used, or carried, by Adam Lanza in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting)
Democrats and the lamestream media are setting their sites on gun control.  Which of course, is following in the wake of other western nations that have banned various weapons
The result of such talk should be no surprise to anyone:  A surge in gun sales.  At least someone is looking at arming teachers.  (Not surprisingly in Texas).
Amidst all the uproar a few folks have pointed out some inconvenient truths.  David Kopel explains the fallacy of "gun free zones" and "assault weapons."
(Image: Cover art to HALO 4)
Meanwhile, Erik Kain points out that every video gamer isn't a potential mass murderer and even suggests parent should play some of these games with their kids.
Hopefully, the saner folks in DC will prevail in the impending debates.
Comrade Karla just sent us a link to the latest post from: The DiploMad, who adds his $0.02. 

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