Friday, December 21, 2012

Historical Precedence for School Massacres

(Image:  The remains of Bath Michigan's Elementary School)
Not to make light of last week's atrocity in Newton, CT, but I'm always irked when a newsperson or politician (with an aggenda) claim "this has never happened before."
Sadly, it has.
A couple days ago I came across a story about a school massacre that occurred in Bath, Michigan--back in 1927
Here's the "Roaring 20s" PoS (Piece of "Crap") that pulled off this heinous atrocity:
(Image:  Andrew Kehoe)
A more complete story can be found here on Wikipedia
Would such historical trivia help those families that are grieving now? 
It might be comforting to know that our ancestors bore such wrenching heartache, so the ones who mourn now won't feel they're alone. 
Comrade Karla provided links to a couple other infamous cases.

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