Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Atrocity in the Making

If the death of Newton's children isn't enough, assholes from the Westboro Baptist Church apparently are planning on picketing the funerals this weekend.  This is a new low for a group notorious for picketing the funerals of our fallen military members. 
In other words:  They've hit bottom and are starting to dig.
Normally, the Westboro Trolls have been thwarted by the Patriot Guard Riders.  This time, they have another enemy to contend with:  Anonymous.
The hacktivist group has been launching launching cyber attacks against the Westboro Trolls, apparently, not for the first time.  The guys in  Guy Fawkes Masks threaten to destroy the church as a group
As a rule, I normally don't care for malicious hackers. 
But as they say:  Every rule has an exception.  And I take exception to anyone exacerbating the pain and suffering of grieving parents.

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