Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Catching Up: Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood

(Image from WYFF-4 News)

I've been off line, first to celebrate Thanksgiving, then to help my bride decorate our house for Christmas, and finally to wrap and mail presents to some family members.

But as usual, bad news doesn't take a holiday.

I thought I'd start off by commenting about the Friday shooting at the Planned Parenthood Office in Colorado Springs, CO.

The POS (Piece of "Crap") killer appeared in court today.

As some regular readers know, I'm certainly no fan of Planned Parenthood, especially in light of their organ harvesting of fetuses.

That being said, the killer certainly deserves the death penalty.

It should go without saying that murdering innocent people at work, or seeking services, is not the way to protest Planned Parenthood's operation.

Apparently, some are willing to blame "Christian terrorism", while Our Dear Leader claimed mass shootings like this "...don't happen in other countries..."--while in Paris.

Meanwhile, Megyn Kelley called-out the leftist media claim that "angry rhetoric" was to blame for the shooting.

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