Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Democrats: More Concerned With Narrative Than Victory

(Image by Henry Payne)

Apparently, more Americans think the terrorists are winning.

This is hardly surprising since Our Dear Leader is more concerned with jetting around the globe (and burning aviation fuel) to complain about climate change.

(Image by Steve Kelley)

With the proletariat becoming more and more concerned about terrorism, Obama is now attempting to placate the masses.

By soundly defeating our jihadist enemies?

Oh no, nothing so bourgeois.

Instead of pursuing victory on all fronts--or any front for that matter-- the US military is in the process of drafting a "new narrative" for the ISIS War.

So once this "narrative" is refined, our military PR folks will look like they're taking their cues from Baghdad Bob.

(Image by Glenn Foden)

Obama isn't the only strategic simpleton among the Democrats.  Clinton is clueless.  And in general, the Democrats don't know ISIS.

Or choose not to know our enemies.

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