Thursday, November 10, 2016

Post Election Post Mortem

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Well here we are on D+2 of the 2016 Election.

Political pundits have been trying piece-together how the Boorish Billionaire pulled-off what's being called the most stunning upset in American political history.

VDH declared it was a blow to the non-elite elite.

Derek Hunter takes a brief look at the election winners and losers

And another Townhall columnist, Guy Benson, examines inside the numbers: How Trump stunned the world.

I don't feel "stunned."  As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm more relieved that Shillary & Slick Willy won't be moving back into the White House.  But I must admit I try to cocoon myself from the non-FOX News media as much as possible.  Apparently, I missed a good Schadenfreude Show watching their ever-growing shock & disbelief  as Trump's triumph unfolded.

Of course, the leftist, lamestream media claim the culprit for Trump's win is because of the inherent racism, sexism, and homophobic attitudes of white males.

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Local news correspondent Danny Westneat refers to 2016 as The Year the White Man Roared.

Steven Crowder goes off on the accusation of racism, and reminds viewers that a decisive demographic of Trump's victory were people who voted for Obama--twice.

Nor does the sexism charge hold water.  For instance, here's Eight women we'd like to see become the first female president.  Not only that, but congratulations to Kellyann Conway, the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign.

Instead, what the leftists refuse to accept is the American people have finally been heard, and the Forgotten Man found a champion in Trump.

Personally, I don't consider Trump my champion.  I'll be content with him not messing things up any more than they are already. 

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Bu the discontent hasn't been confined to the newsrooms either.  Lefty celebrities are freaking out over Trump's win...

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...but they still haven't high-tailed it to The Great White North, like they promised us they would.
As Greg Gutfeld said:  Their hysteria validated Trump's victory.

Meanwhile, the Non-Celebrity Class are taking to the streets.  Anti-Trump protests broke out in major cities across the nation, including Seattle, WA

Not every leftist was a sore loser though.  To their credit, Obama congratulated Trump and invited him to the White House to discuss the transition, and Hillary gave a supportive concession speech.

Now it's high-time for her--and her husband--to leave the public spotlight for good.

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