Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Well, That's a Relief

(Image by Gary Varvel)

Well, the Boorish Billionaire beat the Corrupt Queen yesterday.


I'm more relieved that Hillary was defeated, than I am happy about Trump winning.

Not only that, but Republicans maintained their lead in both the House and Senate.

Here is Townhall's 2016 Election Results.

While us like-minded folks may be glad Hillary won't be moving back into the White House, at least some left-wing media outlets are having meltdowns that their Corrupt Queen won't be coronated after all.

This is no surprise, since they've avoided covering Clinton's corruption.

(Image by Glenn McCoy)

This doesn't we're out of the woods yet.  I suspect the non-Fox News media will be as hostile to the Boorish Billionair President to-be as they were to Dubya.  Probably even more so.

(Image by Robert Ariail)

While I'll be working on a more coherent post-Election blogpost, I wonder if these 23 celebrities will fulfill their "campaign promise" and move to Canada?

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