Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Today's The Day

(Using this meme was inspired by The Declination's Vote But Vote Wisely post).
It's no secret that I harbor contempt for Our Corrupt Queen Clinton.  Based on the on-going E-mailgate, which has done nothing to halt Hillary, her feelings are the same towards those who serve her.

And speaking of servants, Mark Steyn rolls-in on Election Eve about the latest E-mailgate exposure in his Sanctity and Dispossession article.

 Today the Talking Heads will be chattering non-stop reading the electoral tea leaves in an attempt to predict the presidential winner before the polls close.

What will Life be like come Wednesday morning?

Well, if you're a member of the Media Chattering Class, things will go back to normal.  Greg Gutfeld does have a point in that whoever wins the opposition, will have a "punching bag" for the next four years.

However, as much as I like Gutfeld and find him amusing, I think his assessment is a tad too light-hearted.  Or maybe I'm too pessimistic about the possibility of being ruled by someone as contemptuous of everyday Americans, and openly corrupt as Clinton.

Since Our Dear Leader Obama took office, we've seen a drastic rise in Social Justice Whining, and attempts at censoring opposition to everything from creeping Sharia to climate change.  As Mark Steyn stated in one of his previous columns, (that I can't seem to find) to the effect of:  If Hillary gets elected Political Correctness will be enthroned.

The only thing we can forecast about today is the unpredictability of Tuesday November the 8th.  (Although Dystopic does predict some potential pitfalls of a Trump or Hillary Administration).

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