Saturday, June 22, 2019

Cortez's Commentary on "American-Run Concentration Camps"

(Image by Steve Kelley)

Earlier this week, Commissar Cortez put her foot in her mouth--again--and flunked history, while Blue Collar Logic called her comments dumb and insulting.

Ben Shapiro, along with a host of other conservative commentators wrecked her tweet, but that didn't stop the array of non-FOX News media rushing to defend Commissar Cortez's comments and given full-court press.

Although one NBC host called-out AOC--sort of.

CNN going full Godwin's Law was the subject of one episode of The Five.

If illegal aliens are indeed "concentration camp victims," then in addition to being the first inmates in history to break in to such a place, but will be given "free" healthcare in CA and driver's licences in NY--the 13th state to do so.

Of course, while snowflakes are triggered over the "appalling" conditions of American "concentration camps," rich libtards were outraged when Our Grand Nagus wanted to send illegal aliens to Democrat-run cities.

Talk about "not in my backyard," or more likely--my Caucasian gated community.

Commissar Cortez's latest firestorm is yet another instance of proof the Left can't and won't be civil.

In my the regional tabletop gaming community I belong to, one member, our web designer and vice president, expressed her outrage of this "atrocity" on Facebook.  A fellow gamer and I responded with some facts, such as the 2,400 fake families--reported by the NYT no less.

A third conservative gamer joined the fray, but he based his arguments on emotion, just like the leftists did.  Apparently, he's disabled and was outraged over illegal aliens having an easier time getting benefits than he did.

This of course, didn't earn him any sympathy on the Victimhood Scale.  In fact, he was ridiculed and scorned.  By this time, Ms. Web Designer's outrage blew past any semblance of civility and stated that "...anyone who does not empathize with these poor people are dark, soulless human beings..."

There was more and I'm sure I'm missing some other key points.  However, when I read this comment, I unfriended her.

I'll certainly encounter her at game conventions, but I don't have to read her daily rants.

Her attitude is a perfect example of what I call "The Krauthammer Observation" made on one of FOX News' shows some years ago:

Conservatives think Liberals are wrong, but Liberals think Conservatives are evil.

There's a subtle but significant difference between viewing someone as being wrong, vs. being evil.  Libtards and snowflakes use this to demonize and dehumanize us normal, rational human beings.

They feel justified in "punching Nazis" or "milkshaking" those who disagree with them.

While libtards continue to view us like-minded folks as "deplorable," scenarios like this are being played out on the US-Mexican Border:

(Image by Chip Bok)

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