Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Smalltime Day Traders' Say "Foxtrot Yankee" to Big Business

(Image by Steve Breen)


I took both Macro & Micro Economics back in junior college.  About all I currently know about playing the stock market is:  Buy low, sell high.

My skills at high finance involve balancing my checkbook and living within my means.

So it took me some time to digest what's been going on with GameStop

Ben Shapiro provides the best explanation in what he calls The Funniest Prank on Wall Street Ever.

Lauren Chen also explains it as GameStop Wars: Wall Street Strikes Back!

Or as I like to call it:  The Big "Foxtrot Yankee" (phonetic alphabet "F," and "Y," for "F*ck You") to Wall Street.

This latest event, along with everything else that's happened since the 2020 Presidential Election--not to mention all of The Year 2020--as people, like Sydney Watson, what is even happening?

While us like-minded folks think it's hilarious that a pack of small-time day traders outsmarted the Big League Hedge Funders, not everyone's happy, especially the minions within Beijing Biden's administration:

(Image:  Tweet posted by Charlie Kirk)

Nor is this the only time that an activity was shut down.  There's been a trend since Election Day 2020 to "close down early."

(Image:  "Pay Attention," posted on Facebook by Angi Maclaren)

Kurt Schlichter observed:  GameStop lets you see the Matrix.

I agree. 

Our Political Ruling Class, or Uniparty, is Hell-bent on subjugating and even destroying the middle class.  We're living in what The Diplomad calls:  Chaos in the time of Biden.

While it doesn't look like things will improve anytime soon, we can at least take a moment to say:

Suck it, Wall Street! (And the Biden Administration, and the Democrats, and, etc....).

(Image by Steve Kelley)

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