Saturday, February 13, 2021

Cara Dune Cancelled

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 In a Normal World, the firing of an actress from a movie/TV production would be confined to pop culture and celebrity gossip.

However, we live in The New Order's Clown World, and the impact Cancel Culture--a euphemism for The Memory Hole, in Orwell's 1984--is being felt by many.

Ben Shapiro explains this in his reaction to Gina Carano being cancelled by Hollywood on how ordinary people are wary of being accused of wrongthink.

Other YouTubers, some from the coalition calling themselves the "Fandom Menace," who were in the middle of a fundraiser to end human trafficking when the news broke, also chimed in:

Jeremy, of Geeks & Gamers warned--if you don't line up with the left-wing Narrative they will take you down.

Paul Joseph Watson--Gina Carano did nothing wrong.

Anna, That Star Wars Girl--Lucas Films bows to the hate mob.

Just Some Guy shows his knack for referencing poetry--And they came for Gina Carano.

Lauren Chen calls for--cancelling Disney Plus (I never had it to begin with).

Young Rippa 59--questions why Gina Carano was fired, when Disney still employs deranged leftists

Mecharandom 42, "your favorite Youtube harpy," also points out Disney's hypocrisy which allows Krystina Arielle's blatantly racist tweets to go by unpunished.

And Drunk 3PO--expressed how much the fans loved both the character and actress.

I don't have any video streaming service, and haven't watched The Mandalorian.  I've heard great things about the show.

Until now.

Anthony Brian Logan (ABL), is another YouTuber, who's not a Star Wars fan, even posted a video on "unacceptable" tweets

Unlike any other Hollyweird celebrities, there's no sense of schadenfreude in this case, nor at watching the left eating their own. 

Instead, Carano's firing proves that Cancel Culture is a real menace.

From what I'm catching up on, Gina Carano, seems like a normal, decent person--which is why woketards felt compelled to tear her down. 

And just like that, this Cancel Culture brew-up made me an overnight fan of Gina Carano--while I've long given up on following and supporting the Star Wars franchise.  

A franchise which has been reduced to meme-fodder, especially when Life imitates Art...

(Image from Wookiepedia)

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