Saturday, April 28, 2018

FOX News Video: Korean Leaders Announce Shared Goal of Denuclearization

Sometimes, a "WTF!?" can be a good thing.

History was made a couple days ago:  For the first time, leaders from North & South Korea met in order to begin discussions about the denuclearization of the peninsula .

For those of us who've been stationed in The Land of the Morning Calm--this is huge news. (I was there throughout 1998).

Of course, the leftist media and minions of Barry O thought Our Grand Nagus would trigger World War II.  Instead, they're dining on crow.

What's even more galling to the Deep Staters and their media allies is the South Korean Foreign Minister, Kang Kyung-wha, credited Trump for making this event possible.

Most of us like minded folks, are cautiously optimistic, even Geraldo Rivera felt this development has a "vibe of history."

 Senator Graham felt Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mmm.  Maybe.

While it's certainly an another accomplishment for Trump--and a more concrete step towards peace than anything that occurred during the Era of Hope & Change.

The Diplomad called this occassion Trump's Seoul Train.

Despite all this cautious euphoria, us like-minded folks don't believe Rocketman is acting out of goodwill for a second.

One of the big questions:  Why did North Korea announce the closure of its nuclear test site?

Spoiler Alert:  Because the underground site collapsed.

Our Grand Nagus is to meet with Rocketman sometime next month or in June.

This will be another first.

Stay tuned...

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