Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Media Hogg Wild

(Image from:  Stars & Stripes Forever PAC)

Last week, Laura Ingraham found herself in the epicenter of a media firestorm for snarking about David Hogg not getting accepted to some of his college choices.  At this time 11 companies dropped out of advertising on her FOX News show.

Ben Shapiro pointed out that he can't have it both ways:  Hurl insults, and then whine that you’re “just a kid” once mud is slung your way.

Although I do disagree with Ben, and feel Laura shouldn’t have apologized.

Especially since Bully Boss Hogg rejected her apology.

Derek Hunter points out the Democrats have used human shields to advance all their agendas.

Hogg’s conservative classmate, Kyle Kashuv, responded differently, while FOX News is Ddefending Ingraham against intimidation efforts —for now.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, when two table-top gaming friends posted the meme below several left-leaning gamers rushed to Hogg’s defense.

I posted the following:

What I find to be a double standard is this kid is allowed to hurl F-Bomb laced rants at adults who bear no responsibility to the mass murder committed at his school; and yet to criticize his actions or poke fun at him is somehow sacrileges.

(Image from:  Dysfunctional Veterans)
This of course, drew some fire from other left-leaning gamers.

So the virtual (un)Civil War continues...
defending Ingraham against intimidation efforts

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