Friday, March 30, 2018

Gun Grabbers' Goal and Their Perpetual Rants

(Image by Gary Varvel)

Last weekend saw breathless news coverage of the March to Confiscate Law Abiding Gun Owners' Guns  For Our Lives.  Ben Shapiro broke down David Hogg's speech.

The Five also followed-through examined the march.

But while gun-control activists continue their endless loop of Two Minutes of Hate, like their spokeskid calling NRA members "pathetic fuckers" they're ignoring the silent backlash that's brewing.

Paul Joseph Watson "supports" the Parkland Students.  (As in:  "never interrupt an enemy while making a mistake.")

The more the kids rant, the more people they'll motivate to buy guns, donate to the NRA--and vote.

On Tuesday, Former Chief Justice Stevens called for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

Derek Hunter said:  Go ahead and try it.

Ben Shapiro went one step further and said:  Do it, I dare you!

Other than Stevens' open call to repeal the 2nd Amendment, Kurt Schlichter reminded us that everything else leftists say about guns is a lie.

Even if they're not actually lying about guns, a lot of leftists can't define "assault weapons" and are ignorant of just about everything else about guns.

Eric Scheiner and Brittany Hughes take a humorous look at some of the cringe-worthy signs brandished by the protesters.

Despite the flame wars I got tangled-in the last time I posted something political on Facebook, I'll continue to do so as long as leftists refer to me as a "pathetic fucker," or brandish signs like this:
(Image and commentary by:  Benny Arthur Johnson)

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