Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tea Party Win in Delaware Primary

Christine O' Donnell made a dramatic come-from-behind win in Delaware's primary election yesterday.  Of course, the mainstream media (MSM) is crowing about how this is a prelude to disaster for the Republican Party.

Yahoo News has the story:

As usual, though, the MSM is missing the real issues, as my friends point out:

And of course, any defeat of ‘establishment’ candidates is being painted as some sort of GOP disaster.

I think it depends on the state. Erlich won in Maryland because he’s far more likely to win the blue areas of Monty County and Baltimore; Murphy would not have and most MD voters knew that. Erlich also, as far as I’m aware, has a pretty good reputation in the State.

In Delaware you had a GOP establishment guy with a voting record that was pretty much the same as any Democrat, which is why he was defeated.

But the media will spin on…

Yeah. I’m kind of hoping for a near 100% turnover in all of our elected representatives…Regardless of party affiliation.

I’m with you.  But, traditionally, third parties have only screwed things up for the bigger parties.  One exception was when Thurmond tried to derail Truman back when.  The demos won anyway.   I would like to see a new party sweep the board, but I really don’t think it’s gonna happen this time.   There are still too many politicians willing to compromise with principle to get themselves elected.

I too would like to see all the incumbents get ousted.  Regardless of which party they are currently in.  Our government is so inbred that all they are worried about is getting re-elected even if they have to compromise their principles.  Which is what we're seeing several Democrats do now, hoping they can say the right thing.  The thing I like about the Tea Party is it's Constitutional Conservatism and then standing up to anyone who doesn't stand for that.  I find it very interesting that the Democrats think we are stupid for beating out the incumbent Republican because he "had a chance to win" in November and now, apparently, we don't.  But they miss the point.  The point is the Republican was that only in name.  "A Moderate" as it were.  Like some how not having any convictions is a good thing.  The Democratic Party will continue to elect their representatives regardless of their moral character.  The Republican Party better wake up and realize that we're tired of it.  I think that's 7 Republican incumbents that have been kicked out of their "careers." 

I think a lot of the media people are completely missing the point that the establishment people with ‘flexible principles’ are being turfed out BECAUSE of that and not some sort of bitter clinger ideological freak out, which I’m sure the MSM will play up to the max.

As I said before, there’s a reason Erlich got the nominated but Castles didn’t. And too many are missing the “why.”

Totally agree with your comments about getting elected/retaining power. Eventually they lose track of why they are there in the first place.

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