Friday, October 29, 2010

Special Delivery from Yemen

Today's news was dominated by suspicious packages, toner cartridges with circuit boards and wiring, turned up in the UK, NY, NJ and PA.

Obama addressed the nation for a few minutes confirming that a terrorist plot was afoot:

Here's the video of Obama's address:

Want to know how to turn a toner cartridge into a bomb?  Here's how:

While this piece gives a general rundown on how today's events unfolded:

I've always admired Walid Phares's knowledge of the middle east and islamic terrorism.  Here's a video clip of his appearance on Neil Cavuto's Your World:

I agree with Dr. Phares's comments.  Our current administration is still looking at islamic terrorism through their ideological blinders.  That is, our ruling class thinks if they can lift the terrorist wannabees out of poverty, it will remove the motivation to self detonate or open fire in a crowd.

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