Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weinergate Foreplay?

While Americans were celebrating the Memorial Day Weekend honoring our fallen heroes, visiting family and friends and gathering at barbecues, a political scandal was unzipping.  New York Congressman Anthony Weiner (D) is accused of sending a lewd photo to a woman in Seattle.  Weiner has claimed his Twitter account was hacked into.

Comrade Karla sent us the the story from American Spectator:

Since the woman is question is a Seattlite, I thought I'd see if the Seattle Times was aroused by the story:

So this of course, set off a flurry of ribald messages among my friends:

Couldn't happen to a more deserving blowhard.

...I would revel in a Weiner roast!
The next step would be for organs of state security to get involved.

It might be a hard case, though...

Well, if they can stand up to the challenge, this whole thing could be consummated in short order.

This will be a brief story. I don't expect any penetrating coverage by the media.

Indeed the media has most certainly shot their wad on this already.

I just hope they can straighten the whole thing out before it gets too hard...

It would be too bad if the Weiner hacker remains at large.

MSNBC won't report on this - something about a bad taste in their mouth.
No doubt some of the other networks won't swallow it, either.

Given that he has now switched from being "hacked" to it being a "prank," one wonders if this will stand up in court.

And speaking of sex scandals, Weiner isn't the only one, (allegedley at this point), being unable to control his urges.  ere's the latest on "Ahnold's" love child saga, from Fox News:

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