Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pyrrhic Victory for Obamacare?

(Commentary by Pen Jillette)

According to Datechguy, some Democrats are less than enthusiastic about the SCOTUS decision and the impending enforcement of Obamacare.  They're now realizing the natives are restless and November is looming around the corner. 

While Mark Steyn didn't waste any time rolling-in with A Lie Making Obamacare Legal.
In yesterday's e-mail exchange, I had this to say to my friends:

I have a faint hope (yeah, like grasping at straws) of a "Wisconson Effect" come November. Current polls show The Chosen One ahead of Romney. But the same polls showed the Cheesehead Democrat winning the WI gubernatioral election, which we discussed at length some weeks ago. Our favorite commentators surmised that voters told libtard polsters and anyone with a microphone and camera crew what they wanted to hear. 

Comrade Karla was beside himself:

So Roberts did it because he was worried about “what people would think” rather than what is Constitutional? Or if the integrity of the court was so important, why did he not call for Kagan’s recusal?
Talk about your judicial activism. What a fool. This will be remembered as one of the worst thought-out rulings (along with things like Dred Scott) by constitutional scholars….assuming we have any in the brave, new world of the future.
And if he thinks his “finesse” made a difference he’s an even bigger full. San Fran Nan is already on the record as saying “mandate, tax—call it what you will;” which sums up the liberal approach to government these days.
Unbelievable. November is our last hope.
While other comments included:
I take some minimal consolation in some historical examples like how Britain was able to back off some parts of government over-involvement, unions, etc. under Thatcher. Still, I'd prefer not to get to that point!

I'm starting to grasp not only the pyrrhic nature of Obama's victory, but how it might backfire royally. I would not have expected to the Left to learn the lessons of Vietnam and other places about winning the battles but losing the war. I just hope he does not destroy the economy in order to save it!

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