Monday, July 30, 2012

POS Formally Charged

(Mugshot of James Holmes)

While I was at a writers conference a couple of weeks ago, POS (Piece of "Crap") James Holmes conducted his mass-murder attack inside a movie theater in Aurora, CO.  Today, he was charged with  142 criminal acts. 

Of course, it didn't take this long for libtard politicians to squeal about gun control.  Mark Steyn rolled-in on Nanny Bloomberg's comments.  A lot of hyperventilating about gun control comes from the misconception about "military-style weapons.  John Lott Jr., attempts to diffuse this issue in his NRO article.

I'm afraid though, Mr. Lott may be preaching to the choir and that liberals will continue to demand a ban on "scary weapons," as Comrade Karla would say, despite the facts.

Regarding the article itself, the good comrade had this to say:

This one nails it—I recall the mindless “debate” back in the 90s about this.  My brother told me the biggest problem firearm in Denver at the time were trashy little 9mm Tec-9s and .25 auto pistols (faves of the gang-bangers because they were easy to conceal).  Not “AK-47s.” It’s pretty obvious that for libs, if it “looks scary” it should be banned.

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