Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Bakery Brouhaha

(Image by Glenn Foden)

I haven't weighed-in on the uproar in Indiana over Christian-owned bakeries and pizzerias refusing to cater to gay weddings--even when merely posed as a hypothetical question.

Since I haven't discussed this issue, I'll start by airing my own thoughts:

Two things irk me about activists (notice I haven't used the term "left wing" or "right wing").

First is their You're-Either-For-Us-Or-Against-Us attitude. Activist groups consider themselves to be fighting for acceptance.  However, their actions (which speak louder than words and all that) demonstrate that their end game is a demand for complete and total agreement.

That's never going to happen, regardless of anyone's religious/political/social beliefs.  John Stossel says everyone "has a right to discriminate."

And speaking of actions, this leads me to the second issue I have against activist groups:  At best, they follow the path of least resistance.  At their worst, they're bullies picking of others who they feel won't fight back, or at least mount an effective counter-attack. 

Now to the news at hand:

Howard Kurtz offers a good summary on what the Indiana pizza attacks tell us about free speech, which nicely discusses my first issue with activist groups. 

Meanwhile, In From the Cold, took a break from national security matters to point out how activists (groups and so-called journalists), only go after folks they feel secure in going after--like Christians.

No one in the press seems to be concerned that Muslim bakeries routinely refuse to cater to the hot-button gay weddings, as discussed in his Video of the Day.  Not to mention gay-owned bakeries refusing to cater to anti-gay events.

It makes me wonder what will compel the press to divert their attention from what Ann Coulter describes as a steady stream of manufactured events (which they help manufacture in the first place)...

(Image by Glenn McCoy)


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