Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fracturing the Family

(Image by Gary Varvel on the Gaston Gazette)
A notable number of leftists are determined to put the It Takes A Village To Raise A Child proverb on "legalistic steroids."
Or to put it bluntly:  They're out to diminish the impact of the family, or even abolish the family altogether.
I know it sounds crazy, but for this Sunday post I've been reading the craziest articles on today's beleaguered families.
It all starts with Boy meets girl, or if the lawsuit in British Columbia, Canada, is successful, person meets person.
Then, if the happy couple reside in California, they can exchange vows as spouse and spouse
(Note:  The FOX News, and other source articles are nearly a year old, but this was just recently posted on Tea Party News Network).
Now if this same happy couple decides to raise a family, seen in some leftist eyes, they'll be giving their offspring an unfair advantage over less fortunate kids
Such an advantage of outcome is intolerable to self-proclaimed "social justice warriors" (SJWs).
Hence, their theoretical question--for now--is:  Is it time to abolish the family?

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