Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pride Goeth Before Destruction...?

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Last week, gays and their straight allies across the nation were patting themselves on their collective backs over the SCOTUS decision favoring same-sex marriage. 
And the party continues.
Today's the finale of Pridefest Weekend in Seattle.
None of the revelers appear to be bothered by the disturbing news outside the Ramparts of Civilization--
--Such as the bloody day of terrorist attacks that erupted in France, Tunisia and Kuwait this past Friday
(Personal Note:  Ever since I deployed for Operation Desert Shield/Storm, our media has made a fuss over the supposed holy month of Ramadan.  I don't think our jihadist enemies ever got the memo).
--Or by the latest ISIS snuff film.
--Or despite the "Western European Lifestyle," envied by leftists, NATO is retooling for a renewed stand-off with Russia.
How long this party's going to last depends on who you ask.
The Diplomad sums thing up nicely back in the real world.
John Hawkins believes there are 5 mistakes that will lead to the fall of America.
Mark Steyn rolled-in with "only" a couple of concerns. 
Second and most importantly, how the current war is now between Violent Extremistan and Dar al Gay.
Mark's statement that defines our dilemma: 
And so the leader of the free world lights the White House LGBT as the tourist corpses are removed from their sunbeds.
(Image by Gary Varvel)

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