Monday, October 1, 2018

The Krazy Kavanaugh Kangaroo Kourt Kontinues

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In case your like my wife, who never follows the news (and are probably better off), last week's news cycle was All-Kavanaugh-All-The-Time.  Even last week's tsunami that hit Indonesia and killed over 400 people was put on the back-burner in newsrooms across America.

You can find articles, audio and videos just about anywhere on whatever electronic device available.

Basically:  Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of attempting to rape Christine Blasey Ford at a party when they were both in high school.

A party she doesn't remember when it happened, where it happened, or how she got home from the alleged scene of the crime.

In other words, we don't know any new information--not to mention hard evidence--that wasn't presented before the Stalinist show trial.

So as far as us like-minded folks are concerned, the scales are still tipped in Kavanaugh's favor--for the moment.

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The Diplomad's opening statement put it best:  This past week of American politics has to have been the most wretched in my lifetime.

Mark Steyn, a Canadian mind-you, called the Senate a vile and repellent institution.

Normally, I'd be offended by glib comments made by a "foreigner," but these are not normal times.

Meanwhile, in the Court of Social Media Opinion, half the left-leaning women I know have been lamenting on Facebook on how women are now in greater jeopardy of being raped, that the Republicans don't care about women, etc.

The other half think the whole idea of men being presumed guilty because of a mere rape accusation is a great concept because it will appease their feminist goddesses.

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In a follow-up post, our Glib Foreigner called Kavanaugh's opening statements/rebuttal a turning point.

But a turning point to--what?--remains to be seen.

Our Grand Nagus authorized a week-long investigation by the FBI, thanks to Flaky Senator Flake.

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Even with this concession, the "Dimocrats" aren't happy with the time constraints.  Like the Russia Collusion Investigation, they want to keep investigating until they find--something.

Even if by Divine Intervention, Kavanaugh is confirmed, the Dimocrats have threatened to impeach him.

One thing is for certain:  The Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing has elevated the emotional temperature of America's Cold Civil War.

(Image by Pat Cross)

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