Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Snapshot of 2018 Midterm Elections

(Image by A.F. Branco)

Well, most of the results of yesterday's midterm elections are in.

As of now it looks like Dems are poised to take the House of Representatives while the GOP will retain the Senate.

Which of course means the Dems will spend their time, 24/7, conducting probes into our Grand Nagus.

Here in WA State, Dems continue to hold sway in the metropolitan areas, west of the Cascade Mountains.

What's particularly bleak is that a state-wide gun control initiative (I-1639) passed.

I'm not going to go out and "scream helplessly to the sky." But I'm certainly disappointed about the GOP losing the House of Representatives, and I-1639 being passed.

We'll probably see more "wreckage" of this election in the upcoming two years, and maybe beyond that...

(Image by A.F. Branco)

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