Sunday, December 23, 2018

Government Shutdown Showdown Over The Border Wall

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

When the bells tolled midnight (EST) this past Friday, about a quarter of the US Government shut down.

The cause?

The impasse between Democrats and Republicans over funding the border wall between the US and Mexico.

Chucky Schumer offered to end the shutdown--Republicans abandoned funding for the wall.  Chucky claimed Democrats support REAL border security.

Yeah, right.  I guess this "real border security" kicks in when a arrested and deported more than 10 times.  That and the "Dimocrats" would rather pick a fight with the DHS Secretary (and threaten further scrutiny once they assume control of the House next month).

Now to be fair, the Republicans had to be cajoled into supporting the border wall funding.

(Image by Pat Cross)

There's been so much feet-dragging that the fiery Ann Coulter called Trump a gutless president in a wall-less country.  (Keep in mind Coulter was one of the earliest to predict Trump's rise to the presidency).

She wasn't the only one.  Michelle Malkin also slammed the GOP for wimping out on the wall.

At least the Republicans pretend to care about real border security.

Mark Rubio made an apt analogy by comparing the border security to TSA's airport security.

Which is something commentator Mark Steyn has been sounding off about for years now.  That instead of encasing public/tourist areas in bollards and barricades we extend the barricades to the border.

Of course the Ministry of Truth has blamed the Tyranny of Talk Radio (and FOX News) for the shutdown.

But Liz Wheeler pointed out that just over half of the American people want a border wall.

And Tucker Carlson explained that Democrats have stopped caring about the American people in order to gain permanent political power.

Gaining an maintaining power behind their own gated communities.

(Image by A.F. Branco)
The Diplomad suggested anyone against the wall should live in a door-less house.

Democrat politicians aren't the only ones wanting to open the City Gates to the invaders.  Social Justice Whiners (SJWs) and snowflakes are throwing in their lots with the illegal aliens.

GoFundMe campaign has raised $60K to buy ladders for illegal aliens to use in scaling the border wall.

At least there's a Christmas Miracle in response to the collaborators' attempt to circumvent border security:  A GoFundMe campaign to build the border wall surged past $13M.

Let's hope that Our Grand Nagus does more this Christmas Season than "turn on the White House lawn sprinklers."

(Image from Stilton's Place)
And that the government shutdown goes against the Dimocrats.

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