Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Today's Higher Education Wokeness Factories

(Image by Pat Cross)

For many kids and teens, today is their first day back to Indoctrination Centers, formerly known by such quaint terms as "schools," "colleges" and "universities."

These Centers for Snowflakes are part of the fractures in today's Western Civilization. 

No one is being taught Civics anymore, probably not since I attended high school in the '70s.

That's why the hue & cry over abolishing the Electoral College is so popular among Millennials--not to mention Dimtard politicians who want to "stack the deck" for every future election.

We've all heard crazy campus stories before.  Unfortunately, this school year is turning out no different.

Here's just some appetizers to start off the Fall Semester--

--A University of Texas professor tweeted Trump is a Nazi--and so are all his supporters

--While at Portland State University, a professor is being punished by the campus politburo for proving Gender Studies was a joke.

--And just when we thought STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) were safe from being social justice whining, we discover Stanford University is now offering a "woke" physics class.

If my current wife & I had K-12 aged kids, we'd seriously consider homeschooling them--and encourage them to go to Trade School.

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