Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Minneapolistan Issues Edict to Citizens: Surrender to Criminals

(Image by Pat Cross)

Last week, the Peoples Democratic Republic of Seattle's Politburo voted to abolish the Seattle Police Department

Not "defund it."  

Completely demolish it.

Portland hasn't abolished it's police force--yet.  They merely neutered it.  Last month, the Rose City recorded the highest number of homicide investigations in 3 decades

Not to mention the perpetual "peaceful protests."

Meanwhile, in a "hold my beer moment" a few days ago, "Minneapolistan" issued this edict to the few law-abiding citizens remaining:  Be prepared to give up personal belongings to robbers and do what they say.

Minneapolis officials prefaced their decree with the Orwellian newspeak about wanting "...want those who live and work here to be safe..." 

The Dimtards in Congress unanimously sided with the anarchists, Marxists and criminals, instead of law-abiding citizens.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)

Big Brother Tech and "debunking sites," are also obfuscating the issue of violence with semantic double-talk

Comrade Karla feels the whole "Defund The Police" Movement will move us in a direction where the elites will be protected by ruthless, well-armed security details while the rest of us will have to settle for a "Peoples Militia."

One of the facets for the Leftists' acceptance and justification for violence is their collective dismissal of property rights.  

Once property rights are abolished, any "...pursuit of happiness..." will sooner or later be stripped away from anyone who isn't "woke."

(Image by Tom Stiglich)

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