Sunday, October 18, 2020

Big Brother Tech Doing Biden's Bidding?

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 I didn’t follow the Amy Coney Barrett (ACB) Show Trial , because I figured it was like a Brett Kavanaugh Show Trial Lite.  

I wasn’t wrong in my assumption.

In the wake of an exchange between ACB and Dimtard Senator Hirono, the term “sexual preference” was deemed “offensive.” 

Literally, overnight outlets for the Ministry of Truth, like CNN, and VOX, picked-up the hue & cry over ACB’s “offensive” remarks.  Even Webster’s Dictionary issued its woke update to the newly offending term.

This Orwellian tactic’s immediate goal is to attack ACB, but the overall strategic plan is to add another muzzle on free speech.

And like all libtard fake outrage, it’s riddled with hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy we’re suppose to shut up about and ignore.

Speaking of which, an even bigger “October Surprise” bombshell dropped.  The Biden Bombshell that social media won’t let you see.

The NY Post revealed it came into possession of e-mails from Creepy Uncle Joe’s son, Hunter Crackhead, confirming that Biden was well aware of Hunter’s Ukraine dealings

But if you relied solely on Twitter...

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...of Facebook for your news, you wouldn’t see this story.

Twitter suspended WH Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEneny’s account, along with the NY Post’s which is still locked, even the House Judiciary Committee’s website, and the Trump Campaign Account.

Big Brother Tech’s flagrant attempts to protect Biden, was also aided by the Ministry of Truth’s lies of omission (as in not airing the story), along with Creepy Uncle Joe’s campaign citing the censorship was “proof positive” that the Hunter Biden Emailgate story was “fake news.” 

Of course, totalitarian regimes, like China and Iran are still allowed to push their state media.

But when it comes to anything that might tip the 2020 Election to Trump, the excuse Big Brother Tech is using is that it’s against their policy to propagate “hacked” material.

Even the Deepstaters are involved.  Shifty Schiff claims the scandal comes from “the Kremlin.”

The FBI is now investigating the case—to determine if this scandal is part of a Russian disinformation campaign to interfere with the 2020 Presidential Election.

Fortunately, Congressional Republicans don’t plan on taking this blatant censorship laying down and are considering subpoenaing the CEOs of Facebook and Twitter, even threatening to take away their legal immunity under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Defenders of the on-going censorship committed by Big Brother Tech say their private companies and can establish their own rules.


How-ev-er:  Big Brother Tech also claims to be part of the “Virtual Public Square” granting them immunity to libel suits.

They can’t have it both ways.

Meanwhile, as Congressional Republicans ponder their next move, Our Grand Nagus slammed Big Brother Tech as extensions of the DNC.

Like every attempts at cover-ups, Twitter’s attempt at Memory Holing the story created a Streisand Effect, that is, calling more attention to the scandal, causing 

Good.  Neither Harris Biden, her his family members and her his sycophants deserve to be anywhere near the Levers of National Power.

Twitter relented a bit and loosened up their use of “anti-hacking” rules.  (I’ve tried to provide a link, but Google keeps leading me to sites claiming this is all fake outrage by MAGA hat wearers and that Big Brother Tech “acted appropriately).

But despite Big Brother Tech, the Ministry of Truth and the Dimtard’s attempt at gaslighting us, more trouble for Biden is on the way.

More emails show Hunter arranged WH meetings for CCP elites, and it’s not just Creepy Uncle Joe’s crackhead son that’s giving Team Biden heartburn over conflict-of-interest issues.

Try as they might, Big Brother Tech “...can’t stop the signal...”

Hopefully, this Election Day will be “open season,” vote-wise, on the Harris Biden Campaign...

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