Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Well, So Much for the SCOTUS...

(Image by Gary Varvel)

 Late last week, the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) declined to hear the Trump-supported Texas case over election results in four other states

Prior to this decision, I didn't buy into the hope pushed by some conservative commentators on-line and fewer on FOX News, that the SCOTUS would roll-in on the massive election fraud.

Especially since we have Chief Justice Roberts to thank for saddling us with Obamacare.  

It looks like the two recent picks by Our Grand Nagus aren't much better.

Yesterday, and predictably, the Electoral College officially went to Joe Biden, which several commentators refer to him as 46*, (a.k.a. The Asterisk President). 

Unlike the Dimtards and despite my deep disappointment, I'm still not in favor of changing SCOTUS or the Electoral College into something more "conservative friendly."

There's more than just ballot-stuffing and glitchy voting machines involved.  Ever since Our Grand Nagus won the 2016 Election, the Dimtards along with their woketard street minions and the Ministry of Truth waged a four-year unrelenting propaganda war against Trump.

Our Grand Nagus has received no grudging credit for the work he's done--from peace treaties with Israel to fast-tracking vaccines for the Chy-Nah Virus.

Hell, Our Supermodel in Chief, Melania hasn't graced the cover of a single fashion, or pop culture magazine.  But I'm sure we'll be flooded with all sorts of images about Jill Biden in the years ahead.

While the 2020 Presidential Election is realistically over, we can still carry on the fight

For now, let's hope the two Georgian Republicans can clearly win-out over the two anti-police Democrats and give us the slim margin we need in the US Senate.

If there's any more "irregularities" clouding-up the Georgia Run-Off Election, we know we can't count on the SCOTUS, for the time being to clear things up.

(Image by Margolis & Cox)

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