Saturday, May 1, 2021

WokeOscars Wilt Into Obscurity

(Image by Tom Stiglich)

There’s a lot going on in the world and especially within America.  However, I’m going to do one more blogpost about this year’s WokeOscars.


Because in politics, the Dimtards have their hands on the knobs of power and are cranking-up the tension and misery against us like-minded folks.

It can be easy for any one of us to slip into despair—so I figured we could use a humor break for the May Day Weekend. 

The historic failure of the 93rd Academy Awards is a damning indictment to the glitzy supporters of leftist politicians, activists and policies.

The Oscars use to be fun, but have deteriorated.

(Image posted by Karine Covfefe from Morning Brew)

Which is a Down Under understatement.

I stopped watching the Oscars ten years prior to Morning Brew’s death spiral chart, when Lord of the Rings: Return of the King won 11 awards. 

Now, virtue signaling has replaced meritocracy and the Oscars have degenerated into an insufferable woke-a-thon.

So normal people are fighting back by tuning out, and saying shut it Hollywood

At least the worst Academy Awards of all time, and an imploding Hollywood, have provided us normal human beings with meme-fodder that’s more entertaining than anything “Holly Who?” Has produced—for many years now.

Here’s Renegade Pop Culture’s “New Oscar” picks for top entertainment in today’s New Order:

(Image by Renegade Pop Culture & posted by Karine Covfefe)

Some highlight’s on this year’s “Hunger Games” fashion:

(Image by Renegade Pop Culture & posted by Karine Covfefe)

This year’s “Rogues’ Gallery” of villains against freedom:

(Image by Renegade Pop Culture & posted by Karine Covfefe)

Since I hate censorship, Cancel Culture and Memory Holing, this is my favorite “award” meme:

(Image by Renegade Pop Culture & posted by Karine Covfefe)

Nor did the folks at Renegade Pop Culture didn’t spare the repulsive behavior of leftist elites:

(Image by Renegade Pop Culture & posted by Karine Covfefe)

Despite the mass schadenfreude many of us feel at Hollyweird’s growing irrelevance, as Critical Drinker said in his Open Letter to Hollywood, I’d love to see Tinseltown make great movies again.

But since they’re Hell-bent on Getting Woke, then I  have no qualms about seeing the movie industry Going Broke...

(Image posted by Karine Covfefe)

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