Sunday, May 2, 2010

Car Bomb Found in Times Square

Last night a street vendor alerted NYPD of a "smoking SUV" parked in Times Square.  It turned out to be, what experts call an amateurishly made car bomb:

At this point speculation is all over the map as to who the perpetrator(s) might be and who they may/may not be affiliated with.

Here's a photo gallery of the event courtesy of the NY Daily News:

However, while a disaster was averted in the Big Apple, another disaster is looming over the Big Easy and the entire Gulf Coast.  On 20 April a BP oil rig exploded and sank.  Eleven workers are still missing and presumed dead as a result of this accident. 

Oil, from the now-uncapped well, continues to spew into the Gulf of Mexico threatening wildlife and the livelihood of Gulf Coast residents:

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