Monday, May 10, 2010

The Subprime Root Cause of Terrorism

(Image of  Faisal Shahzad's apartment).

Some of the media outlets have commented on Shahzad's foreclosed home and his inability to make mortgage payments.  Could it be he didn't bother paying his mortgage because he was too engrossed in learning how to blow people up?

Mark Steyn rolls-in with the "overeager, amatuerish, subprime" terrorist:

Mark also points out that not every terrorist is a card-carrying member of Al Qaeda:
A terrorist's goal is to instill fear in the populace.  According to Ralph Peters, our jihadi enemies can smell it on us:

And what if this "amatuerish" plot were something else entirely?  FOX News, among other commentators are speculating about the Times Square Plot being a dry-run:

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