Sunday, March 27, 2011

Obama's Kinetic Military Obfuscation

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Apparently our Teleprompter-in-Chief will address the nation to explain his decision to launch a "kinetic military action," that is lib-speak for "war," against Libya.  I guess it would be unseemly for a Nobel Peace Prize winner to start a war, so our actions in Libya had to be called something less offensive to peacenik ears.

Now I'm all for taking out tyrannical despots, especially one as whacky as Ga-Daffy.  But if you're going to wage "kinetic military action," then do it right and conduct these kenitic operations to win.

What also disturbs me is the hue & cry generated by liberal groups, like CodePink,, along with the lame-stream media facilitators is absent.  Unlike the nearly 8-year long bleat-fest conducted by these very same groups when Dubya went to war in Iraq.

Victor Davis Hanson, (aka VDH), rolls-in on Obama's political contortions over "...the shores of Tripoli:"

Since Obama wants nothing to do with his role as Commander-in-Chief of NATO, he seems to have pawned the job off on to a Canadian general.  Mark Steyn speaks out from The Corner:

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Steven Hayward from Powerline, adds his $0.02 on why it's a bad idea for Obama to abdicate command & control authority of NATO: 

The coalitions Bush the Elder and Bush the Younger created to wage war in Iraq (x2) and Afghanistan, were robust, not to mention getting Congressional support, than the "Coalition of the Wobbly" Obama managed to scrape together.

Will the real community organizer(s) please stand up?

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