Saturday, March 19, 2011

Meanwhile in America's Dairyland...

For several weeks, Wisconsin has captured the nation's attention.  (Because of other news and personal issues, I haven't reported on this until now).  Facing a deficit, newly elected Governor Scott Walker (R) submitted a proposal to the state legislature, largely composed of (R)'s, thanks to last year's election, to limit the collective bargaining tactics of government employees--union employees.

Rather than face the music, about a dozen (D)'s in the state legislature, fled to Illinois in order to avoid the vote.  Since the Democrats deserted their posts, the bill to curb bargaining rights was easily passed, but WI's capital building was the scene of on-going protests for several days.

But the saga hasn't ended yet.  Now a judge imposed a temporary restraining order against the bill to accomodate a lawsuit filed by the state's Democrats.

Yahoo News has the story:

Comrade Karla rolls-in:

So why do we even bother having legislators when judges seem to be making all the decisions?

Why indeed.

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