Tuesday, August 9, 2011

While I Was Gone... seemed as if the world started burning down around me.  I spent this past week settling-in to my new home and then commuting to a writers conference over the weekend.  During my self-imposed isolation the following events, none of them good, unfolded over the weekend:

In London the fires were all too real.  The pictures of the aftermath remind me of The Blitz.  "Inspector Gadget" kept an hourly update on his blog.

Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, the Dow Jones bounced back after yesterday's fall, precipitated by S&P downgrading America's AAA rating on Friday (5 Aug 11).  In response to this financial slap, Our Dear Leader continued to "lead from the rear."

Tragically, in Afghanistan, 31 SEALs were killed in a helicopter crash, supposedly brought down by the Taliban--a sad reminder that we are still a nation at war.

And finally, Newsweek Magazine once again, showed its contempt for conservative women.  First it was Sarah Palin, now Michelle Bachmann gets the "Newsweek Treatment." 

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