Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene Chews Up the Eastern Seaboard

(Image:  Grey Skies over Manhattan.  AP Photo by Mary Altaffer)

The big news, even for those of us on the west coast, is Hurricane Irene.  The cable news networks are running continuous coverage of the event. Even though Irene is "only" a Category 1 hurricane it's still "ferocious" according to Yahoo News.

The Seattle Times reports on the drenching the east coast is getting. 

The photo galleries in both articles are worth looking at.  As an Upstate New Yorker, it's incredible to see "the city that never sleeps" so deserted.

The number of people without electicity is said to be in the millions, 9 people have been killed so far, while thousands of airline flights and commuter train runs have been cancelled.  However, the full extent of the damage won't be known until the storm passes.

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