Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book Review: Holy Terror

It didn't take me long to read Frank Miller's Holy Terror, about a masked crime fighter and cat burglar taking on Al Qaeda after a terrorist attack.  The dynamic duo in this story, "The Fixer," and Natalie Stack, are thinly disguised versions of Batman and Catwoman. 

This is the first novel, graphic or otherwise, that earned more negative comments than positive ones.  According to, Miller's latest work earned 33, 3-5 star ratings while getting 35, 1-2 star ratings.  The 5-star raters were happy to see jihadists getting killed by superheroes, while the 1-star raters consider Frank Miller a crazy, islamophobe.

As for me, I give the book a solid three stars.  I loved the story, but I found a lot of the artwork hard to follow.  Most of the images were in streaky black & white, as if the action was taking place during a dark and stormy night. 

Frank Miller doesn't pull any punches and neither do The Fixer and Stack. 

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