Saturday, May 5, 2012

War? What War?

(Image of some "peaceful" Muslim demonstrators in London)

There are politicians and bureaucrats within our government, not to mention a debatable chunk of our society as a whole, who don't believe there's a Clash of Civilizations going on around them.  Or if there is, it's because of us fear/hate-mongering conservative types. 

Here's an article from The Strategy Page that reminds us otherwise.

I've reminded some not-so conservative folks that it doesn't matter whether or not, we believe we're at war with the jihadists and their supporters.  The crux of the matter is:  Our jihadist enemies believe they are at war with us.

We ignore this at our peril.

But even during these perilous moments, humor is often the best medicine.  So one friend concocted this scheme:

Does this mean we weren't at war with Germany back in the 1940s? I see the potential to make some serious money writing a really bad book that argues that very point...

To which another friend responded:

I’d buy that, just to show everyone that I have an open mind and want to ensure that my views are fair and balanced…

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