Sunday, September 23, 2012

Double Standards Towards Religion

Over the past few years, conservative commentators often referred to the Piss Christ "artwork," in comparing Christian reaction to such an offense to their religion vs Muslim reaction to--well--just about anything their volatile, jihadi minds can think of. 
As a Catholic, I too, am offended by the image on the left and not just for faith-based reasons.  The artist, Andres Serrano, who concocted this, received awards and $15K of taxpayer money.
On the other hand: 
Even before the smoke at the US consulate in Benghazi cleared, Barack & Hillary have been bending over backwards, denouncing Innocence of Muslims and spent tax dollars for appeasement commercials in Pakistan. 
Our leaders should be defending our 1st Amendment Rights, instead of trying to placate the rampaging hordes of an intolerant religion.
Despite Obama's on-going Apology Tour, a flunky of the Pakistani government has posted a bounty on the film maker.
No bounty has been posted on Mr. Serrano, unless of course, he pisses on a Koran.

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