Monday, April 29, 2013

Trial by Jury of (Non-Citizen) Peers in CA?

(Image from: 12 Angry Men)

Last week, the California Assembly passed a law removing the citizen requirement for jury duty.

Comrade Karla declared:  Yet more examples of how insane California has become. I fully expect other libtard states to try this as well.

While another friend pointed out that:  I can see many a verdict being thrown out when this gets crushed by SCOTUS...

This statement in the article caught my eye:

"...the bill said there is no correlation between being a citizen and a juror, and they noted that there is no citizenship requirement to be an attorney or a judge."

Us normal folk ASSume that attorneys--and especially judges--would be citizens of the communities in which they serve.  This common-sense omission however, is merely a loophole for coniving liberal lawyers to exploit.

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