Friday, September 19, 2014

Head Hackers in the Land Down Under

(Image by Michael Ramirez)
ISIS isn't just a regional threat, especially when hundreds of jihadis hold western passports.  Sixty, or more, are even citizens of the Land Down Under.

Early yesterday, Australian law enforcement agencies conducted raids against extremists planning to conduct random killings--by beheadings--against random citizens

So far, 15 have been arrested.

This story generated a few short comments among my friends:

I suspect this will happen here [in the US] soon enough...

When confronted, Jeh Johnson (DHS secretary) went “oh, yeah, well maybe that happened or something” after initially claiming that he wasn’t aware of anything like that.
We are so screwed.
 Pretty certain we'll be seeing this in our homeland soon enough. Just hope we're able to get (and keep) ahead of it.
If we are allowed to.  When senior DHS “leadership” seem bent on ignoring the problem, one has to wonder.
One wonders indeed, especially when leadership experience is limited to community organizing.
(Image by Gary Varvel)

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