Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wolves in the Umma Fold

(Image by Robert Ariail)

We had a storm blow through WA State knocking out power to nearly 116,000 customers.  So I've been busy at work, with no time afterwards to write about national or international events.  My last post was simply a link to FOX News about the raids against a terrorist hideout.

While the storm here in WA State has died down, another type of storm has been brewing:  The issue over "Syrian refugees."

As of now, 30 state governors (29 of them Republicans) oppose Our Dear Leader's scheme of admitting Syrian refugees

While I admire the governors taking a stand against O's over-reach, I'm afraid The Diplomad has a point:  All it takes is for one state to accept these "refugees," then they'll be free to roam wherever they want to.

But the leftists aren't sitting idle either.  They're looking to place political pressure on uncooperative GOP governors.

While leftists scheme to circumvent state opposition to the "refugee" problem, Michelle Malkin wonders: Where is America's force-protection from these "refujihadis?"

Where indeed?

The terrorist attack on Paris was gut-wrenching to watch unfold. 

But with at least one terrorist being able to sneak into Europe as a "refugee," illustrates a bigger problem than the Islamic State alone:  Our broken immigration system.

Ann Coulter writes:  The insistent demand for an endless flow of Third World immigrants to the West goes well beyond cheap labor for the rich. It has become a mass psychosis.

Ann could be Donald Trump's press secretary.

(Image by Steve Kelley)

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