Friday, July 1, 2016

Terrorism's True Colors and the O Administration Memory Hole

(Image by Glenn McCoy)

I haven't blogged much of a response to the bombing in Turkey.  It's not just that I've been busy at work, but also because each new jihadist atrocity is followed by the same tiresome trajectory of our political ruling class and the non-Fox News media:

Apparent confusion over the terrorists' motive, despite yet again, Islam shows its true colors.

Meanwhile, when Our Dear Leader and the Democrats are demonizing conservatives as racist for demanding common-sense security, they're scrubbing as many Islamic terms from official documents as fast as they can.

Yesterday, DHS testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee and of course, claimed nothing out of the ordinary was going on.

Nor is there any cause for concern about the FBI telling Florida agencies to deny public records requests about the Orlando Shooting.

If this keeps up, researching anything involving Islamic terrorism, even the 9/11 Attack, will result in something like this:

(Image by Henry Payne)

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