Monday, June 25, 2018

Illegal Immigrant Pawns of Distraction

Last week, instead of quietly ignoring the IG's report on the FBI like Democrats and their media minions usually do, they discovered a distraction to tripper the snowflake masses--the separation of illegal immigrant families who've attempted to sneak across our border.

Staged photos of kids in cages--or taken during the Era of Hope & Change--along with fake,  like the Time Magazine cover, comparing ICE to a terrorist organization, proliferated the airwaves and cyberspace as weapons of mass manipulation.

Immigration enforcement, of sorts, has been going on for decades, or at least lip service was paid to it.
(Image by Mike Lester)

And Our Grand Nagus' separation policy was mentioned a month ago, but suddenly it's now a crisis demanding immediate resolution (i.e. open borders).


According to Derek Hunter, the border outrage is a distraction from the IG Report.

Stilton's Place called-out one fake photo and created a pro-Trump meme.

The Diplomad called the mass-snowflake triggering to be at the border of progressive madness.

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast noted these same leftists are overwhelmingly in favor of abortion on-demand, which they hope will lead to a population replacement--who will overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

Paul Joseph Watson reminded us that leftists want America to fail.

In Brittany Hughes' video, she highlighted leftist hypocrisy about their "sudden" compassion for children--just not America's kids--and they don't care and this will get someone [an American citizen] killed.

Never mind that violent criminal aliens have permanently separated American loved ones from their now-grieving families .

(Image by Tom Stiglich)

There's also a debatable number of kids being used by human traffickers.

But leftists don't want to see or hear anything that goes against their open border narrative, nor let a good outrage to go to waste

In fact, the hostility was so over-the-top that Occupy Wall Street posted a chart about how to kill an ICE agent on Twitter...

...while DHS secretary was heckled by a DOJ deep stater.

Hollyweirdo Peter Fonda went even further--which I didn't think was possible--by advocating harassing ICE agents' families and even kidnapping Barron Trump.  Our Supermodel-in-Chief contacted the Secret Service in response to this unhinged has-been.

Despite--or because of--all the rabid virtue signalling, on the last day of Spring, Our Grand Nagus executive order halting the separation of illegal immigrant families.

But before the first day of Summer ended, the House's proposal appeared to be collapsing.

The solution most voters want is rather simple--enforce our immigration laws. 

Unfortunately, the Democrats--and a good number of Republicans--are tone-deaf to what the majority of Americans want:  Illegal alien families either deported or detained.

(Image by Michael Ramirez)
While the politicians continue to wrangle on this or any other issue, Jesse Waters warns:

Don't trust the lying left media.

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