Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Mueller Misfire

(Image by Gary Varvel)

Last Friday word got out that after two years Mueller's investigation into Our Grand Nagus' alleged collusion with the Ruskies was complete and--there would be no forthcoming indictments.

This put the Dimtards and Libtards into a weekend-long anxiety attack with at least one talking head, Rachel Maddow, choking back tears and other starting their "cruise down the River of Denial."

By Monday, their worst fears were confirmed:  Mueller's witch hunt delivered a resounding vindication of Trump.

Which of course caused another media melt-down similar to their 2016 mass hysteria.  Or more specifically, as Dronetekpolitics called it a slow-motion meltdown.

The Diplomad noted that there were attempts by Russian bots to influence both sides during the 2016 Presidential Election--during Barry O's Era of Hope & Change.

Yesterday, the Youtubers I follow went on a media blitz upon hearing the verdict:

Paul Joseph Watson called it a two-year long conspiracy theory.

Tim Pool declared the media disgraced themselves and that they lost ALL credibility. But instead of calling it quits, have refused to give up crying "Cover Up!" and "Conspiracy!"

The Amazing Lucas noted that the "No Collusion" outcome caused hysteria, while Brittany Hughes viewed it as the leftists moving the goalposts.

Despite all this day of reckoning for the lamestream media, we're not really in a position to pop out the champagne and kiss nurses at Times Square a la VJ Day.

There was a lot of material Mueller's report glossed over, primarily against Deep Stater Obama/Clinton loyalists.

Stilton's Place warned The Spin Cycle will continue.

And finally, Kurt Schlichter called-out the Collusion Conspiracy another elite lie and soft coup attempt along with advocating "sticking to our guns"--literally.

In the meantime, leftist can enjoy their well-deserved early Easter gift...
(Image by Tom Stiglich)

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